Snake in the Jungle

Snake in the Jungle

This is a photo I took of my brother’s pet, Snakey.
Snakey is a Coastal Carpet Python.

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Modern Crystal Necklace

Crystal Necklace

This necklace is made from genuine chiselled crystals and square glass beads.

These gems are threaded on with two thin, black cord lines. The gems match up alternatively on either string.

Modern Crystal Necklace


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Monkey Wing Designs

We have upgraded my website with a new layout, design and colour scheme.

Although it is not the official website yet, we shall hopefully be working on the professional one next year.


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Shawl – “Flame Lace”

Red Shawl - Flame Lace - Michelle

This knitted shawl features red, orange, yellow and brown tones of colour with subtle gold hints.

Along the sides of the shawl there is a fringe made from matching yarns in the knitted piece.

At the three tips of the shawl there are colour matching beads.

The shawl can be worn in many different ways, with the middle of it on your shoulder,
wrapped around your hips or wrapped around your neck.

Thankyou to our stunning model, Michelle.


Flame Lace

Knitted Red Shawl


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“The Wonderful Place” – Chrissy Butler

This beautiful picture book The Wonderful Place by Chrissy Butler is a glorious combination of paintings, colours and sweet story line.

With the ideas and input from Chrissy, we formatted the layout for this book.

For more information about Chrissy, her artwork and her books go to

Some pages from Chrissy’s book.

The Wonderful Place - Chrissy Butler


The Wonderful Place - Chrissy Butler


The Wonderful Place - Chrissy Butler

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snorkelingThis photo was captured with a water proof camera while snorkeling in a local creek.

In the image: Trent

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Town Lights

Town Lights

This photo was taken of traffic lights in the middle of Southport at night.
We’ve used a slow shutter to make the lights appear as if they were moving lines.

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Black Button Necklace

Black Button Necklace

The necklace was made with black cord and black buttons.
It’s a shorter necklace designed to sit in a low neckline.
It is fastened with a white button at the back of the necklace.

Black Button Nechlace Two Photos

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Path to the Sun

Path to the Sun

I snapped this photo while I was on a walk down my street. I love the way it shows the chunky gravel leading towards the blurred trees and the glimpse of an orange sunset.

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Pink Pixie Hat

Pink Pixie Hat

This hat is knitted using a dozen different yarns. It fits on the head like a normal hat and then comes down to a point where there are half a dozen pom-poms.

Thanks to our lovely model, Hannah

Pink Pixie Hat

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