Knitted Bracelet


Knitted Bracelet

I created this bracelet using knitting needs, beads, sequins and fine wire.

Beads and sequins were threaded onto the wire which was then knitted in pearl stitch.

Click here to see a larger image.

Beaded Bracelet


Knitted, beaded bracelet

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4 Responses to Knitted Bracelet

  1. northcoastliving says:

    Beautiful bracelet! I love the colours.
    Will we be seeing more of your creations in the future?

  2. You definitely will be.

    Thanks for the lovely comments!

  3. abt says:

    Love it foxy – are you selling? if so how much??

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I wont be selling this particular one. If I was to make one it would be around $50.

    (I know it’s expensive, but it does take a long time to make and beads cost a fortune!)

    Glad to hear you like it!

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