New Blog!

Monkey Wing Designs blog has moved! We will no long be posting on this site, so sign up to our new blog to see our recent updates.

Thankyou, from the MWD team.

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knits. by Monkey Wing Designs

Monkey Wing Designs is proud to announce it’s new line of shawls, scarves and hats called “knits.”

Each piece is hand knitted with a knowledge of colours and design and old knitting techniques.

We can create one of our standard pieces for you, or custom orders for individuals.

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Northern Rivers ASD Network Website

The Northern Rivers ASD Network is a website and blog we set up for aclientdetailing information about Aspergers and Autism support groups in the local area.

For this site, we decide on the best layout and format for the client so that they could easily maintain and update the website themselves.

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Some gorgeous Tulips from the lovely lady Karen.

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Monkey Wing Designs – Official Website Launched!

We’re very excited to announce that the official Monkey Wing Designs website has now been launched and is live on the the web! Check it out here, at

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Blissful Birthing Update!

We have recently updated the Blissful Birthing fading pictures. The animations have been redone and now it only takes 5 seconds to load the entire site.

Check it out at

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Waterlace Shawl

I knitted this shall with a variety of blue, green and gold yarns.

It is the same shape and design as the Flame Lace shall with beads at the shawl’s corners.

Thanks to the beautiful model, Karen.

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How to Create a Stop-Motion Animation

This is a short 2 page tutorial on how to create a stop-motion animation. To see the stop-motion film that I have created – Playground Wars – Click here.

Or, click here to listen to the abbreviated tutorial.

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Blue Beaded Charm Bracelet

Blue Beaded Charm Bracelet

I created this bracelet with an assortment of blue bead,
ranging from glass, to china, to metal.
There are also charms attachedĀ amongst the beads.

Blue Beaded Charm Bracelet

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